~ The Pieces of Puzzle Time ~

Puzzle Time is a four-way split curated by Nicholas Langley, owner of United Kingdom label Third Kind Records. Complete with tracks from four different artists (Langley himself included) and an actual puzzle designed by Bristol-based illustrator Takora, the album (in the words of Walt Whitman) truly contains multitudes.  Bary Center’s opening tracks are pensive and... Continue Reading →

~ The Girl None Of Us Ever Knew ~

When I started writing this review, I wrote down only one sentence fragment. I honestly couldn’t type another word for quite some time. Stacey’s Spacey by Marcia Custer is that jarring.  The fragment was “Alternative means of expression”.  What a vague way to express my initial feelings, right? It sounds like something a counselor would say... Continue Reading →

~ Beyond The Norms With Slow Normals ~

Last week, I ordered a “dirty video mixer” from a fellow named Johnny Beck. He lives in Appleton, Wisconsin and produces a variety of other homemade electronics — such as circuit bent keyboards. In addition to my mixer, Beck generously included a couple of cassettes and Bandcamp download codes for albums he's released over the... Continue Reading →

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