~ Adderall Canyonly’s Ability For Stability ~

Wayne Longer is his given name, but you most likely know him as Adderall Canyonly (one can’t easily forget a moniker like that). His vacillating instrumental soundscapes have been driving listeners onward down nameless neon-lit roads since the genesis of the cassette revival (for those who don’t know, that was around 2010). With releases spanning... Continue Reading →

~ The Pieces of Puzzle Time ~

Puzzle Time is a four-way split curated by Nicholas Langley, owner of United Kingdom label Third Kind Records. Complete with tracks from four different artists (Langley himself included) and an actual puzzle designed by Bristol-based illustrator Takora, the album (in the words of Walt Whitman) truly contains multitudes.  Bary Center’s opening tracks are pensive and... Continue Reading →

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