~ Panurus Productions Poised To Keep Us Guessing ~

“Unpopular music on tape” is how the description of Newcastle, United Kingdom label Panurus Productions reads. 

I’m sure there are plenty of seasoned digital marketers out there who might openly scoff at such a tagline. But, as those of us who are unapologetically immersed in cassette culture know, this sort of phrase most certainly elicits a click or two — being that the word “unpopular” usually (in the best of circumstances for us insatiable consumers of strange sonic delights) ends up acting as a synonym for _______ (insert positive descriptor of your choice here). 

Based on what’s available so far for listening on this label’s Bandcamp, I’m inclined to surmise that this is one of those pleasant circumstances. 

Listen through the first four releases and you might find yourself taken aback — no matter which order you choose to experience them in. Plague Rider’s album Rhizome can best be described as intricate, pulverizing death metal — while Chlorine’s album Loser Herds, standing in sharp contrast to Rhizome, exists ethereally in the kaleidoscopic sound collage camp. The Lovely Wife/Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska split captures the timeless essence of improvisational noise rock (fuzzed-out guitar solos and other distortion-infused soundscapes abound) — while Drooping Finger and Möbius (two separate acts who came together for this self-titled collaboration) serenade the listener with soft, cloud-reaching drones. 

Panurus owner/operator, James Watts, will likely maintain this unpredictable trend: 

“I plan on keeping things pretty eclectic,” Watts says, “in the hopes that someone who has found some death metal via the label might then find themselves listening to some drone or something similarly outside their usual listening tastes, which I would hope expands the listenership of the people I work with as well.”

If you are intrigued, I certainly implore you to browse the teaser pages for Panurus’ three upcoming albums (which, as each of the sprawling descriptions denote, sound as though they may differ from each other even more so than the previously mentioned releases do): 

Shrimp – Shrimp (releases 1-25-19) 

Heat Death of the Sun – Erosion of Culture (releases 1-25-19) 

Kepier Window – Burden (releases 2-22-19) 

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