~ The Pieces of Puzzle Time ~

Puzzle Time is a four-way split curated by Nicholas Langley, owner of United Kingdom label Third Kind Records. Complete with tracks from four different artists (Langley himself included) and an actual puzzle designed by Bristol-based illustrator Takora, the album (in the words of Walt Whitman) truly contains multitudes.  Bary Center’s opening tracks are pensive and... Continue Reading →

~ Building Worlds With 2 Dads 2 Sons Emoji ~

There are various schools of drone that exist in the underbelly of bedroom-style noise music these days, each with their own idiosyncratic attributes and accolades. However, for the sake of the ensuing album review, I want to temporarily zoom out and separate them all into two categories:  The ones who insert a home-made tape loop... Continue Reading →

~ What Do You See In CLOUD2? ~

CLOUD2 is a cassette that has sat on my shelf since April without knowing its true purpose in this remorseless physical realm. Don’t ask me why it took nearly five months for me to stick it in my deck and give it an honest listen. I was by no means avoiding it—especially considering how fond... Continue Reading →

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